Low prices mean poor service, poor quality of products used or additional fees

This is a tricky one, with most lock installation or emergency locksmith fees you should always make sure that you are getting the full price.  Not just the call out fee, or consultation fee.  You do not want to fall victim of the old bait and switch.  A reliable locksmith should volunteer the whole cost of the service upfront, if you have to ask for it, you should think about why.

Scams are in the emergency locksmith business just like any other.

You should always be vigilant for scams at any moment, usually smaller, local Toronto based businesses are to be trusted over generic “locksmith service”.  With a reliable Toronto based locksmith you can be sure that your lock replacement will be conducted by an insured and respected member of the locksmith trades community.

Payment options can be a giveaway to stay away

If a locksmith company insists that they will only accept cash payments this is usually a red flag.  If you do intend to pay with cash then you should always at least ask if they take credit or debit as this is a good indication of a reputable and honest locksmith business.

The response time should be reasonable.

Before you agree to engage the emergency replacement services of a locksmith in Toronto, you should ask how long it will take for them to get to your location.  If they are unable to get to you in a reasonable time frame then you should look elsewhere.

Check to see if the lock replacement company is insured

A good way to ask this is to ask the name of the locksmith’s insurance company.  This is valuable information for a couple of reasons.  This first is that if they are insured you will not end up paying for any accidental damage that may happen to your door, however unlikely.  Also, to qualify for insurance they will need to have all of the certifications needed to be a locksmith in Toronto.

By following these simple checks you can be sure to get a reputable and reliable Toronto based locksmith to provide you with all of the lock replacement and re-key services you need.

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