When is it time for a lock replacement?

Toronto is generally a fairly safe place to live, with crime rates declining year on year.  Regardless of where in the Toronto or GTA that you live, everyone should always lock their doors when they are home or at not.  Even when you are home, it is not unheard of for people to enter the house and remove possessions.  People will engage a locksmith for lock replacement and re-key services for a variety of reasons, the loss of keys, or a divorce can lead to the need to have this added layer of security.

Here are some of the top reasons that you should consider lock replacement.

You have just moved into your new home.

After buying a new home there will be many things to think about as this is a very exciting time.  If you have bought a home and the previous owners has moved out it is possible that they may still have some keys, or they could have given sets to family and friends.  This is all the reason you need to get a lock replacement service, as you want to be the only people with access to your home.

If the home is brand new, then should should definitely look into lock replacement and rey services.  This is because, as the home was built there may have been a number or tradespeople that need access to the building at different times during construction.  As a result of this there may be copies of your keys still out there in the offices of the construction company.  They will of course be signed in and out and monitored closely.  However, only a lock replacement and re-key will make you absolutely certain as to your home’s security.

It is hard to track the number of keys you have for your Toronto home.

Having a large group of people that need access to your home can cause a great many people to have copies of the keys.  This increases the chance of keys being lost.  This is more of a concern if you have a large family and children have been given keys.  If any member of the household loses their keys then you should, of course look into a lock replacement or re-key service.

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