The benefits of having an electronic lock installation performed on your small or large commercial business can be far reaching.  After an electronic lock installation, you will find that your employees are able to move around the building with a greater degree of efficiency, while maintaining a higher level of security that traditional locks.

With an electronic lock system installed you can control exactly who can access each individual area of the building.  You no longer have to ensure that only certain employees can access sensitive areas as their electronic keycard or code will not permit them access.  The flexibility of the electronic lock system is one of the best components, if you need to grant increased access to a member of the team following a promotion or following an increase in responsibilities, this can be done at the click of a button.

This is true of limiting an employee’s access.  If you are unable to retrieve the employees keycard following their departure from your employ, no problem!  All you have to do is revoke their specific key cards access to the building.  This is very useful as it negates the need for costly re-key and lock replacement services to maintain security. If an employee loses their keycard you can simply give them a new one complete with a new code and the same level of access.  If using a keypad entry, simply remove their code from the system.

With electronic lock installation, there is a smaller chance that potential thieves will be able to copy the keys. You can have keys cut almost anywhere, however, with electronic keys this requires specialised equipment that is not available to the general public.  If the key is Unlike keys, electronic access cards are extremely difficult to multiply and cannot be taken to your average hardware store for a copy.  If you have a keypad system installed, then the key cannot be replicated because it does not exist.  In the event that your security system is keypad based you should change the key code often

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