A re-key service changes your lock so that your existing keys no longer open it.  The lock will be modified in such a way that only the new keys that your re-key service locksmith provides to you.  This is why the term re-key is used.

Benefits of Re-keying Your Toronto Home vs. Changing the Locks Outright

The value of maintaining and increasing the safety of your Toronto area home cannot be overstated.  By being proactive and looking to any and all methods of keeping your home home secure can make the difference between keeping your valuables safe from thieves.  A re-key service can give you this level of security after your original lock and key setup has been compromised.  This could be caused through the loss or theft of your keys or even when you move into your new home and you want to make sure that the previous tenant did not keep a copy of their keys.  Another consideration is that you do not know how responsible the previous tenant was with their keys.  It is quite possible that they lost a set of keys in the past or left some with a friend or relative.

Ultimately a re-key service will give you greater confidence in your home security and allow you to relax, safe in the knowledge that you and those who you have recently provided the new keys can enter without hinderance.

One of the best parts about using a re-key service is that you can keep using the same locks that you have currently installed.  High security modern locks can be expensive, so being able to save here is a very cost effective home security solution.

A re-key service should only be performed by a licensed and bonded Toronto based locksmith.  As with any home security installation, you should do a great deal of research on Toronto locksmith to ensure that they are reputable and have good reviews from previous customers.  This will allow you to not only trust them completely, but you can be certain that, following the re-key of your locks, your Toronto area home is safe and secure.