There is a great variety of door locking systems available to consumers today.  Their are the standard lock and key systems that we are all familiar with along with more advanced electronic lock installation solutions.  Investing in some improvements to your home security is always wise, through proper research and planning you can dramatically increase the safety of your family home or business. With ease.  Here are some of the options to choose from when it comes to modern door locking mechanisms.

Tried and true, the humble deadbolt and traditional locks

Most homes will use this as an added security measure to be employed when people are at home.  This is simple, functional and requires little to no maintenance.  The peace of mind that this provides can be quite significant, especially if you have recently lost keys and are waiting for a lock replacement or re-key service.

Traditional lock and key door locks are perfectly fine security measures that can be improved through monitoring who has been given a key closely and ensuring that any lost keys are recovered or a lock replacement and re-key service is performed.

Electronic lock installation

With advancements in keyless entry doors in recent years, the popularity for electronic lock installation in homes has increased a great deal.  Often keyless entry doors are considered to be some of the most secure out there.  If the electronic lock installation is a keypad then there is no chance that anyone who is not expressly given the code can enter.  This is ideal for businesses with a lot of employees or large families.  This has the added bonus of no need for re-key services of lock replacement if keys are lost.  There are no keys to replace in the instance of keypad locks.  Also, with a key card system, you can use a computer to deactivate lost key cards and simply recode another.

Every home and business owner will have different needs and budget.  Getting in touch with a locksmith in the Toronto area to ask all the questions you have, is the first step to having a safe and secure home.

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