Losing your keys will happen to almost everyone at some point in their lives.  It can be an unsettling feeling as you reach for your pocket only to find that your keys are missing.  Not only will you have to engage the services of an emergency locksmith service, but until you do, someone else may have access to your home.  That is why it is vital that you use a lock replacement and re-key service.  The important thing is to remain calm and not panic.

The number on thing that we recommend that you do is to double check that you don’t have your keys.  Make sure you check in your bags, other pockets and clothing.  By retracing your steps you may find that you put them somewhere absent mindedly.  Try checking your desk at work, your car or even give the gym a call to see if they have been handed in.  If you can find your keys this way, then you can relax and avoid the need to contact  lock replacement or re-key services in the Toronto area.

Once you are satisfied that you have really lost your keys and you can’t think of where they could be, it is time to move to the next steps.

Contact the police, there are honest people out there!

You may be surprised how often keys are handed into Toronto police officers by well meaning people.  This is why you should place your cell phone number on your keys.  Never put your address on your keys.

Get the spare key you left with a friend or family member

Did you give a spare key to a family member?  If so, then you should arrange to pick it up.  This is highly recommended as it removes the need for emergency locksmith services and can avoid a late night call out service.

If you are still locked out of your Toronto home, then it is time to call an emergency locksmith service, They will be able to provide you with lock replacement and re-key services so that you can get back on with your day.

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